Wednesday, 5 April 2017

What are the key issues for today’s business operations? – Part 3

Today we’re looking at ethical conduct. Ethical conduct is another of the key issues that is being faced by business operations. Ethical conduct is essential in business. Managers have to think about the decisions they make and how they will affect the employees, customers, community and the management and shareholders of the business, as well as the environment.  It’s not an easy task but it’s something that all managers have to take into consideration during the decision-making process. Sometimes there will be mistakes made and the managers then have to think of the best way to act and deal with the consequences. 

Ethical issues are found in many areas of operations management, such as:
  • The environment and how to run operations that will not harm the environment
  • How closing facilities will impact the community and if it will mean the company fails to see through commitments that were promised
  • Being an important part of the community
  • Honouring warranties
  • Product safety, ensuring products will minimise the risk of injury to people and damage to property or the environment
  • Ensuring the safety of workers by providing training, ensuring equipment is maintained and making the work environment safe
  • Ensuring the financial records are correct and accurate
  • Respecting workers and their rights

The use of Codes of Ethics gives employees a guide to follow. Ethics is the standardised behaviours for certain situations that are considered suitable.

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