Thursday, 20 April 2017

What are the opportunities of supply chain management in healthcare?

Can supply chain management be used as a management technique in healthcare? In order to answer that questions many sources, both primary and secondary, were researched. Examples were also taken from other industries to see if they could be used in healthcare. All the information gathered had to be interpreted in an ever changing environment driven by globalization and advancements in technology. Purchasing is not global sourcing thanks to globalisation and the internet is offering competitive opportunities.

The supply chain makes it possible to match supply with demand. A balance needs to be struck between suppliers and customers. All the upstream and downstream flows couldn’t be covered all at once so it was necessary to focus on medical surgical products and pharmaceutical manufacturers on the one side and the first tier customers on the other. A starting point is the value change. The value chain allows for the integration of other activities that support the supply chain.

It was demonstrated that outsourcing the supply chain at primary level can be advantageous as it also works with support activities and sharing infrastructure opportunities. This is a new way of thinking that is now critical for the future of the supply chain management in healthcare. 

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