Tuesday, 11 April 2017

What is eBusiness in healthcare?

eBusiness in healthcare is different to eBusiness in other sectors. The main reason for this is because healthcare is different; it has peculiarities that just aren’t found anywhere else. However, eBusiness continues to play an important role in healthcare.  eHealth is the umbrella term for connectivity in care, contents and eCommerce for healthcare. eBusiness is a subset of eHealth that encompasses the commerce domain. eBusiness in healthcare can be defined as all the electronically supported processes of the providers that start from business management, as well as supplier and manufacturer processes in healthcare too. eCommerce in healthcare related to the online selling by the suppliers and the online purchasing or eProcurement by the healthcare providers.

Electronic media that are in place to support the online buying and selling have to take into consideration the peculiarities of the healthcare sector. Detailed product and process knowledge is essential for procuring medial suppliers. The products are purchased by process owners such as pharmacists, which make the sector unique. Therefore, eBusiness has to use knowledge when creating an automated supply chain.

Poor outcomes in this sector can mean death, and therefore health care providers need to focus on quality and getting things right first time. Price is not what customers base their purchasing decisions on. They care most about quality and this is what has a strong influence on their behaviour. That’s not to say that cost of care isn’t important as they do play an important role. Reducing costs for both healthcare providers and suppliers are the driving forces behind adopting eBusiness procurements. 

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