Monday, 10 April 2017

What is eBusiness?

eBusiness isn’t merely the process of taking traditional business operations and processes online. It’s more than just applying technology to the business. It allows new relationships between suppliers and customers to be formed. eBusiness is here on a global scale. It includes all processes, both internal and external, of an organisation to facilitate business. Business partners are connected together using the most effective electronic media.

eBusiness is certainly here to stay. It has multiple benefits for all parties. The key benefit is reducing operating costs such as process costs and knowledge sharing capabilities.

In eBusiness you find eCommerce. It is all about trading electronically, with B2B (business to business and B2C (business to consumer) relationships. There are lots of different types of technical approaches that can be adopted by organisations which need to be connected with their business partners. Electronic marketplaces are extremely important. The electronic marketplaces can be forums where prices can be negotiated and goods presented. They can also be technical hubs where connectivity and applications are provided. Whatever type of marketplace is used, they are all far more than simple email exchanges. When exploiting the benefit of eBusiness, the workflow systems that are able to support modern standards securely are an absolute must.

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