Monday, 17 April 2017

Why is eBusiness in healthcare different from other industries? – Part 1

Healthcare cannot simply make use of the e-business strategies found in other sectors. Healthcare requires strategies that will work with the unique industry that it is. Other approaches would not be suitable with the amount of information and knowledge that’s necessary for the healthcare market. eProcurement and eCommerce in healthcare are also different when compared with other industries.

Quality Driven

Promoting health and providing healthcare to the public are a couple of the primary goals of healthcare. They work to prevent diseases, cure illnesses and provide care for people in need. The other goals are not as important to helping the patients. This is why quality is so important. Other sectors could focus on reducing costs at the expense of quality, but that approach isn’t acceptable in healthcare. Customers of healthcare choose products for their quality and because they work, not because they are the cheapest available. Lives are at risk, so quality is of the upmost importance.

Costs do play a role in healthcare. They do have a set of financial frameworks and costs are a major concern in the Western world.  However, there are needs to be a balance between the costs and quality is necessary. Additionally, cheaper products don’t always lead to savings at the bottom line in the long term. Sometimes bargains can result in losses.

International and National Dimension

At the international level you have the Healthcare professionals and biomedical scientists. The manufacturers in the healthcare industry are global. The healthcare systems are set in each individual country.  All the knowledge in medicine comes from all over the world and there are researchers exchanging information between countries. Manufacturers are international and they work towards producing goods that are necessary to maintain the demand around the world. 

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