Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Why is eBusiness in healthcare different from other industries? – Part 2

Healthcare is different from other industries. It has unique characteristics such as data, information, methods and knowledge which are not usually found outside the industry. Everyone in the industry is trained to high standards. The general materials management software that is used in hospital pharmacists doesn’t use the same terminology and processes of pharmacists. Databases have to be modified to suit all the different healthcare objects.

The procurement of medical supplies needs product knowledge. The medical devices and pharmaceutical products have very complex features. The knowledge required to use these products is only obtainable in clinical environments and it’s necessary to have understanding about the medical conditions that the product is treating or helping. This is the main reason that physicians will make orders for medical devices directly and not through the purchasing department of the hospital. These types of products are just not compatible with a typical purchasing department situation. Healthcare professionals need to be a part of the strategic measures that are found in procuring medical suppliers. 

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