Friday, 28 July 2017

Royale International Opens New Offices in Mexico

We are delighted to announce the opening of our brand new divisional offices in Mexico. This exciting move has been made possible thanks to a 400% increase in the shipment of automotive parts over the last five years. Mexico is now the third biggest country in terms of revenue, according to Salvador Marin, our senior account manager, falling only behind China and the US. The new offices mean we’ll be able to continue improving our services in Mexico and increase our business to new areas.

Royale has provided services to Mexico for many years through agencies or giving support to third party operations. The new offices will strengthen brand awareness in the country and makes it possible to dictate the growth and development of the company. Royale Mexico will make it possible to use most cost effective solutions and provide a more efficient service within the competitive market.

Marin spoke of the considerable flow of shipments made up of urgent components and parts moving from suppliers in Asia and Europe into production lines in Mexico. Marin also went on to mention that Royale is now experiencing an increase of business within the Nafta region moving from the US to Mexico and vice versa.

Mexico is working hard to increase their trade links and work with more foreign carmakers in areas such as Asia. This move is of benefit to Royale thanks to our strong presence in the area.  Our presence gives us a huge advantage over our competitors, along with our truly global footprint and expertise in Asia.

There are several issues that are being faced by suppliers and carmakers in Mexico. Several of the challenges are due to congestion and a lacking infrastructure. These failings have a negative impact on the inbound supply chain and increase the need for expedited services. There are investments and improvements being made to resolve these issues with the supply chain.  These improvements are necessary if Mexico wishes to “remain competitive on the world stage”, said Marin. Another challenging area is found in customs procedures. Changes are necessary in order to improve the supply chain as a whole.

Read more about our expansion into Mexico and Marin’s interview, here

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